Since 2009 Dukker Chrysanten BV is located in Bleiswijk. Dukker chrysanten has a modern greenhouse of 33.000 m2 to accommodate with all professional technologies, such as:

-Assimilation lighting: guarantees quality in autumn and winter.

-Intern transport system: transport of picked flowers from greenhouse to processing space.
-Plant robot: automatically planting of young plants.
-Gas engines: provides the growing area of electricity, warmth and CO2.
Originally the company was located in De Lier.  Until 1985 Jan Dukker sr. cultivated tomatoes (feb-aug) and chrysanthemums (sept-jan) on 13.000 m2, after that he switched to cultivations of year around chrysanthemums. In 1994 Arjan Dukker joined his fathers company and they purchased the neighbours greenhouse, an increase to 23.000 m2. In 2009, after been in the family for more than 100 years, the company in De Lier was sold